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TV shows and appearances:

Singl suporting  Father Jutarnji program STB 19.04. 2018.

Importance of fathers in education of shildren.

Divorce 150 min Tv Prva 11.04.2018.

When is the wright time for divorce?

Life with Lought, Optimism and in good Mood Radost života TV Pink Marsh 2018.

Lought increases creativity and flexybillity of thinging.

Influence of Emotional Inteligence to the Quality of Life Psihološki ugao Edu TV March 2018.

How the emotional skills contribute to the quality of life?

Marige and divorce Svitanje TV Pink 4.03.2018.

When is time for divorce?

Reasons for divorce Jutarnji dnevnik  RTS1 14.02.2018.

Wich are the reasons for divorce?

Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law Tako stoje stvari RTS1 13.02.2018.

Relationships between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, mother-in-law and son-in-law

How to take care of lovers relation ships?

Monotony in lovers ralation ships Ordinacija July 2017.

Estetic surgery: yes or no

Estetic surgery Tako stoje stvari 4.01.2018.

How does different generations friendship work?

Friendship beetveen people of diferent generations Tako stoje stvari RTS 1 28.12.2017.

How to take care of optimism?

New year Zdravo jutro TV STB 26.12.2017.

Do we need to make conclusions?

How to enter a new year? Radost života TV Pink 21.12.2017.

How to organize celebrations preparing?

Celebrations preparing Zdravo jutro TV STB 18.12.2017.

Why is often going to eyes control exames important?

Eyes health Tako stoje stvari RTS 1 14.12.2017.

How to prevent Violence among School Children?

Violence among School Children Tv STB Prelistavanje 12.11.2017.

How do we choose god father and take care of sponsor ship?

Sponsorship Tako stoje stvari RTS1 26.10.2017.

How do vomen feel when they become grandmothers?

The role of grandmother RTS1 Tako stoje stvari 12.10.2017.