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Ljiljana Filipović

Psychologist, family therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified trainer of assertive communication, certified trainer of emotional intelligence, holds a Yugoslav Certification of Psychotherapy and a Certification of the European Psychotherapy Association.





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Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade – Psychology Department


Educations in psychotherapy:

• Four-year Course in Systemic Family Therapy in Institute for Mental Health, Belgrade: title – Family Therapist;

• Advanced Course in Systemic Practice with Families, Couples and Individuals. Institute of Family Therapy, London;

• Advanced Course in Rational-Emotive-Behavior Therapy, Albert Ellis Institute, New York;

• Training for psychosexual therapy;


Education in hypnotherapy:

• Master Hypnosis educational seminar – the third level of professional education in hypnosis and hypnotherapy, officially recognised by the European Association for Psychotherapy;

Professional Training in Clinical Hipnotherapy gaided by Daniela Lukić, direktor of IAHP


Additional education:

Trainings in implementation of Psycho-Social Programme of Support in Prevention of Behavior and Addiction Disorders of Children and Adolescents – organized by Statutory Health Agencies, supported by the Ministry of Education and Sport;

Training in Methods and Techniques of Active Learning; trainers were psychologists from the Institute for Psychology; supported by the Ministry of Education and Sport;

Training in implementation of the Model of Non-Violent Communication in Resolving Conflicts – intended for working in groups with pupils in elementary schools and high schools and their parents;

Training for coaches in emotional intelligence and assertive communication;



Vast experience in working with developmental problems of puberty and adolescence;

Vast experience in licensed counseling and educative, diagnostic and psychotherapeutic work with families, couples and individuals – a License of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy;



The author of several research projects on development needs of elementary school children;

Professional consultant for Serbian National TV service in the programme called ‘The World of Health’, and ‘Blic Zena’ magazine;

Professional consultant for the Morning Show of TV Studio B and Serbian National TV service, as well as for the programme called ‘Parental Counseling’ on TV B92;

Author of “Family Counselling” programme broadcast on TV Enter;

Associate in the morning programmes broadcast on RTV Studio B and the RTS- Serbian National TV service;

Associate in the programme “Guide for Parents“ broadcast on TV B92;

Correspondent – Ilustrovana politika, Blic žena, Viva, Stil, Story, Cica, dnevnog lista Politika, Bilje zdravlje…


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