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Assertive Training


Educational experince-based trainings: Assertive Training – training in communication skills and self-confidence and Emotional intelligence training, are the basis for stress prevention and setting boundaries for those who jeopardize our rights and needs. They enable acquirement of knowledge and skills that contribute to improving the quality of life on a personal and professional level.

Assertiveness Training is mainly focused on communication and enabling a person to stand up for him/herself, which contributes to stronger self-confidence and stability. At this training, an attendee learns how to gain a real image of him/herself and others, accept his/her rights and respect rights of others in communication.


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Social circumstances that we live in, characterised by competitive interpersonal relations and a mainly aggressive communication style, create a need to protect ourselves from stress and set boundaries for those invading our rights and needs.

You can address a psychotherapist even when you do not have any psychic issues but wish to learn to live a better-quality, healthier life and be personally and professionally more satisfied and successful. In addition to individual work with a psychotherapist, group experience-based trainings, where communication skills and emotional intelligence are improved, also contribute to personal growth and development.


Who is this for?

This program is designed for adolescents and adults who wish to work on their personal growth and development. As professional and personal are two sides of the same coin, it is also designed for future psychotherapists, expert associates in schools and all those who provide counselling services to clients, experts for human resources as it will enable them to improve personal and professional competencies for better-quality and more successful practice. For your CV, at the end of the training you get a certificate, while for future psychotherapists 16 hours of training are registered as hours of personal work.


What is the benefit of training for the trainer?

If those who already do advisory work with people want to become coaches, they can take trainer education of assertive communication or emotional intelligence in order to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for organizing experience-based workshops. Training for the trainer after the end of the experience-based training, lasts for another 16 hours. Future counselors and psychotherapists are then recognized for 32 hours of work on themselves.

Check the video material on Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills.

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