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Family therapy

What is family therapy?

Family therapy is a psychotherapy method that is directed toward improving of married couple, immediate or extended family‘s interrelations. It analyzes person both as an individual and as a part of a family system that has both influence to and is influenced by.

Goal of family therapy is: to ensure psychological development of a family and its members, to eliminate psycho social problems that interfere with family’s proper functioning and to bring a family to a functioning level which will satisfy all its members.   


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Is family therapy meant only for families?

Family therapy is determent by a specific problem rather than the number of people coming to treatment. This means that a family therapists are working with families but also with couples and individuals who need individual therapy.


Individual family therapy is particularly recommended for:

Adults that wish to understand better how their family history is connected with developments in families of their own.

Persons who want to learn how to function differently from the familiar family pattern.

Young persons with solved family conflicts, but have dilemmas regarding their own identity and future.

Persons that want family therapy, but whose partner or family does not want to participate in therapy.


What are family therapy effects?

It helps family members to leave the vicious circle and to find both new communication ways and strategies to resolve problems.


Who can benefit from family therapy?

Everyone who wants to improve their own life can benefit from this therapy. Research shows that it is giving good results with the following topics:

Adaptation to changes coming from different stages of a family cycles (these stages are: couple without children, family with an infant, family with a preschooler, family with school age children, family with adolescent, post parental family, elderly family).


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