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I approach each client, couple, family, by respecting their unique capacities for change, through an integrated approach in which I combine methods and techniques of System Family Therapy, RebT Therapy, Gestalt Therapies, Knowledge of Communication and Emotional Skills, and, if necessary, Hypnotherapy.

• I would like to emphasize counseling, educational and psychotherapy work with children (elementary school age) and adolescents (high school pupils and college students) who are going through developmental crises, for which I have many trainings and many years of experience. In my work with them, I use the principles of developmental psychology and a combination of the age-appropriate approaches to the System Family and Rebt Therapy.

• When psychodiagnostic and medical therapy are needed in addition to psychotherapy, I have long-term cooperation with Dr.Veselin Pavićević (Dr. Vesa’s office). I also cooperate with many other specialists from different fields and institutions depending on the needs of clients.

• Education in groups takes place through educational experince-based trainings: Training of communication skills and self-confidence-assertive training, Training of emotional intelligence, School of parenting and Effective learning. In addition to individual work, these group programs also support personal / professional growth and development.

• Assertive training and Emotional intelligence training can also be organized in working space as good interpersonal relations will significantly improve work efficiency. Students of humanistic sciences who are educated to work with clients, as well as educators of various psychotherapeutic models, receive a certificate with a recognized 16h personal work after the completion of these experience-based trainings.

• Professional development program is intended for experts in humanities – practitioners, future psychotherapists, advisors who want to become certified coaches of assertive communication and emotional intelligence, who want to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for organizing experience-based workshops. The program provides more opportunities than an experience-based level programs in improving personal – professional competencies, for a better and more successful professional practice. In addition to receiving the certification for future trainers and psychotherapists, 32 hours of training is counted for hours of personal work.

• Parenting school is intended for parents who want to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for successful parenting.

• Efficient learning is intended for students, high school and college students who want to use mind maps to improve success, to gain lasting and high-quality knowledge while saving time.

• In my entire work, I am guided by the basic psychotherapeutic principles of respecting the autonomy of every client, ethical principles, confidentiality and discretion. I intend to teach clients be independent and open to deal with future stressful situations and to release a proactive, creative life potential in them.

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