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Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. It is applied when it is necessary to overcome inhibition of the unconscious.

The application of hypnotherapy is an integral part of my integrative approach to psychotherapy, which means gradual or simultaneous use of different psychotherapeutic methods in order to better adapt to the needs of each client and to more effectively remove dysfunctions and disorders.

Hypnosis is a method that can be effective itself but also a means to accelerate effectiveness of other psychotherapeutic methods.

In the opening conversation with clients, I focus on clarifying the goals of the therapy and the way in which they can be achieved by hypnosis, as well as to what assumptions and experiences client has about hypnosis.

The most common assumptions of clients are that the hypnotic skill is, in fact, the technique of manipulation by another person’s will, that the hypnotist enters the subconscious and controls the client’s behavior.


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In fact, the application of hypnosis for medical purposes requires primarily willing consent and cooperation with the hypnotherapist in order to achieve a deep state of mind and body relaxation, in which the client achieves a concentrated state of consciousness, a strong focus on the suggested content, on the images created by the therapist’s suggestions.

In a state of hypnotic trance, it is effective to suggest a person to the way of solving the problem or to avoiding a disability. In order for this to be successful, one should create a relationship of trust between a client and a therapist in which the client would be freed from his irrational fears that the therapy would be manipulated by the therapist or that they would not be able to wake up from a state of hypnotic dream. By the end of the session clients spontaneously remember its flow.

The obligation of the hypnotist is to give clients only the suggestions they have previously agreed on and which are useful and acceptable for the clients in terms of their values and beliefs.

If a client can not let go the prejudices, fears, or if they are not subject to suggestion or has a poor ability to concentrate and visualize, hypnosis is not a method of choice.

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