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Professional orientation

Upon completing primary school, pupils face an important decision that will hugely affect their life – choice of secondary school and profession.

The choice of profession defines highly relevant elements of their future life, environment and associates they will work with, economic status and employment and advancement opportunities.

Bearing all the above in mind, a conclusion is that the choice of profession largely defines the quality of future life. Therefore, the decision on the choice of profession has to be brought carefully and with thorough preparation.


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First of all, pupils should be presented with the world of professions so that they can select those they find most appealing, then create the clearest possible perception of their own interests, needs, abilities and traits. They also need to be informed on professions with high demand, and whether they fulfill conditions and criteria defined for applying for specific educational profiles and professions.

Pupils should also be informed on the fact that their professional career depends on motivation, clear definition of short- and long-term objectives, and willingness to invest efforts and improve their professional knowledge further.

The choice of profession, namely the launch of a professional career, largely defines future professional development. A wrong choice of profession impedes advancement or requires re-education, i.e. change of profession.


Which are most common dilemmas?

Whether to opt for education that prepares a pupil for work immediately after secondary school or education that will be continued at college and faculty? Which profession to choose in order to feel secure and satisfied?

If they have not invested efforts in obtaining professional information and counselling, with support of the family, school and experts, they are highly like to make a wrong choice.

Obtaining professional information and counselling is useful after completing secondary school as well, for those with a dilemma regarding university education. Those dilemmas may also lead to a wrong choice of profession.


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