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School of Parenting


Who is it designed for?

How to be a successful parent? Is there a more demanding task? Where can parents learn which mistakes they make and what they can do differently?

School of Parenting is a form of a group experience-based educational work with parents, future parents or adults in substitute or co-parental roles.


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What are the objectives of the School of Parenting?

A general objective is to enable parents resolve their dilemmas and problems, exchange and enrich their experience and knowledge within group workshops. This experience-based learning will contribute to strengthening their parental role and building of an authentic parental style.

Parental authority is one of the most relevant validation criteria of the level of personal, marital and parental competence.

Therefore, the primary objective is for parents to assess their parental styles from the aspect of parental role and responsibility in building authority, use and misuse of parental power in the process of satisfying needs of a child.

In order to establish authority in a constructive manner, education is focused on the area of rewarding and punishing and strategies and techniques of preventing and resolving conflicts. Within strategies and techniques for preventing and constructive resolving of conflict, a special focus is on learning about emotional control, active listening, non-aggressive communication model and constructive criticism.

The School of Parenting is designed as continuous education consisting of 8 workshops, executed in two sets of four workshops in two days.


Which are other areas of education?

In addition to the School of Parenting, special trainings will be organised for parents wishing to get educated in the following:

Area of establishing motivational, supportive climate of family relations, which requires harmonisation of different parental models in order to set flexible boundaries for children, in line with their development needs and challenges of the external environment. Each development phase of a child in the process of growing up requires adjustment and reorganisation of family life.

In accordance with the above, groups of parents of children of a specific age are formed ad specific problems are assessed.

Furthermore, parents can get educated in overcoming stressful, crisis situations in a family, such as: grave illness and death in family, divorce, establishment of new family after divorce, relocation to another city or country, loss of job, loss of parent, etc.

Please specify in the application form which of these trainings you are interested in.

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