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What are the advantages of an optimistic way of thinking?

How to cultivate optimism – Zdravo jutro Studio B 19.9.2013.

Which skills can we use to defend ourselves?

Defense from those burdening us – Zdravo jutro Studio B 18.9.2013.

Do you make your (and others’) life complicated with perfectionism?

Perfectionism – KCN 1 25.7.2013.

How to protect children from a damaging influence of pornography?

Children and pornography – RTS 1 Jutarnji program 22.7.2013.

Satisfaction in marriage and family depends on the quality of communication….

Communication – TV Happy 21.6.2013.

What are the causes of cheating and options of overcoming consequences?

Cheating – TV Happy 14.6.2013.

Why do people with high IQ fail and those with average intelligence are more successful in life?

Emotional intelligence – TV Happy 7.6.2013.

Why is it important to be emotionally intelligent?

Emotional intelligence – KCN 1 19.3.2013.

What are potential consequences of peer violence?

Violence in school – Studio B