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What is that generation like?

Copy paste generation – Beogradska hronika RTS 1

How do holidays affect strengthening family bonding?

Christmas celebration – Svet zdravlja RTS 2 5.1.2013.

Significance of holiday rituals for adults and children.

New Year’s rituals – Oko magazin RTS 1 27.12.2012.

How should parents deal with children’s wishes?

Children’s wishes – Jutarnji program RTS 1 12.12.2012.

How does emotional intelligence improve the quality of life?

Emotional intelligence – Agape Studio B 25.11.2012.

What to recommend to people to be happy?

About happiness – Beogradska hronika RTS 1 8.11.2012.

Have we become tolerant of ever more present violence around us?

Reactions to aggressiveness – Jutarnji program KCN1

Reasons why our people from abroad seek help of local psychotherapists.

Our people abroad and psychotherapy – Dnevnik 2 RTS 19.08.2012.

Successful adaption to separation from family and continuation of education depends on a level of a pupil’s independence and proper parents’ support.

Separation from family caused by education – RTS 1 Dnevnik