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Tips to parents and children immediately prior to an entry exam.

Fear of entry exam – RTS 1 Dnevnik 24.6.2012.

Tips of a psychotherapist to parents and children prior to secondary school entry exam.

Svet Plus Info Dnevnik

How to eliminate fear from taking an entry exam?

Svet Plus Info Dnevnik

What is stress and how does it affect health?

Stress – TV Kopernikus May 2012.

It is better to use brain maps instead of forbidden memory cards…

Forbidden memory cards – RTS 2 Vita studentis

It is best to be self-assured and certain of one’s knowledge…

Superstition – RTS 2 Vita studentis

What is happiness?

Happiness- Beogradska hronika RTS 16.02.2012.

Why do people with high IQ fail and those with average intelligence are more successful in life?

Emotional intelligence – Zdravo jutro Studio B 31.01.2012.

Children’s upbringing in family in the light of the new law.

Parenthood – TV Kopernikus Januar 2012.