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Interview with Ljiljana Filipović, a family psychotherapist, on rising small children, pre-school children.

Small children

Why has holiday depression been more present in recent years?

Holiday depression – TV Kopernikus 22.01.2012.

How do anger, anxiety and depression affect health?

How do emotions affect health? – Zdravo jutro STB 16.01.2012.

Why do children lie?

Children’s lies – Zdravo jutro – Studio B 13.1.2012

A child’s role model largely depends on family.

System of values among youth – Jutarnji dnevnik RTS 24.12.2011.

How can we facilitate children’s development through giving and taking presents?

Giving and taking presents – Zdravo jutro Studio B 23.12.2011.

Family holiday rituals have educational and therapeutic potential…

Family holiday rituals – Zdravo jutro Studio B 16.12.2011.

In a modern consumer society, children spend too much time alone, and a basis for proper upbringing lies in a family. Consequences of lack of communication with parents may be fatal.

Consequences of parents’ long working hours for children – Jutarnji Dnevnik RTS 1

Middle age is a time of summing up successes and failures in life…

Mid-life crisis – Zdravo jutro Studio B