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How parents can help children spend a holiday in a constructive manner.

Impact of holiday on pupils – Studio B

Reconsider mistakes you make as a parent and learn how to act differently.

School of parenting – Studio B

Rewarding and punishing is very important for both children’s upbringing and interpersonal relations of adults…

Ljiljana Filipovic – Studio B – Rewarding and punishing – 24.5.2011.

My comment on Novak Đoković’s success

Beogradska hronika – Identification with successful ones – Novak Djokovic 16.5.2011

How to improve the quality of your life, live more healthily, be more successful personally and professionally. A guest of the show is Tanja Šešum, MA, psychologist and psychotherapist

Right Choice – 13th show – TV Enter (48min)

What influences the quality of partner relations? How to improve it? The guest of the show is Prof. Dr. Jovan Marić, a psychiatrist

Right Choice – 12th show – TV Enter (48min)

When getting married, it is necessary to accept differences partners bring from their families, origin and develop a new system of family relations. Learn more about key elements of organising family life and how to build harmonious marital and family relations. The guest of the show is psychiatrist and family psychotherapist Aleksandra Vuletić Peco, MD (21.2. 2011)

Right Choice – 11th show – TV Enter (48min)

A degree of satisfaction with family, marital and other social relations depends on the quality of communication. To achieve mutual understanding, people need to clearly express their needs and feelings, as well as expectations from others, and those are the skills that can be learnt.

Right Choice – 10th show – TV Enter (45min)

Gardner and others note that there are around twenty different types of intelligence and that they can be developed throughout life. One of them is emotional intelligence. Children can learn about emotional skills by having more opportunity to use their inherited intellectual potentials, while adults can improve them through individual psychotherapy sessions or experience-based learning in group trainings. The guest of the show is Danijela Živančević, a psychotherapist. (17 Jan 2011).

Right Choice – 9th show – TV Enter (46min)