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Mature years are not obstruction in realisation of wishes.

Realisation of wishes in mature years RTS1 Tako stoje stvari 5.10.2017.

Significase of a family in forming the personality of a child.

The role of a family in socialisation of a child Jutarnji program STB 17.09.2017.

How to prepare for the begining of School Year?

The beginig of a School Year Radost života Pink 3 14.09.2017.

Prejudices about sex

Sexual theraphy Ordinacija july 2017.

How to make succesfull relation ships?

Lovers relation ships Ordinacija july 2017.

Why is good devorse better than bad marriage?

Devorce Ordinacija July 2017.

How to prevent conflicts on hollyday?

Chalenges of hollydays Radost života Pink3 17.08.2017.

How to become successfull?

Psychology of success Radost života Pink3 26.06.2017.