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Influence of indiference of another parent to a child

Razvod i alimentacija Krenimo redom RTS1 25.05.2017.

Why we like it and why we need it?

Chocolatte Tako stoje stvari RTS1 11.05.2017.

When and why we put masks on?

Masks Studio znanja RTS 2 7.04.2017.

Concept of medical hypnoses and jurisdictions of use.

Medical hypnoses Studio znanja RTS 2 03.03.2017.

How do women be educated in their gender role?

Gender socialisation of woman Tako stoje stvari RTS1 02.03.2017.

How emotions imfluence to our health?

Emotional influence to our health Grand Aroma 16.02.2017.

Why is important to restore the emotional control?

Emotional control Grand kafa 07.02.2017.

Why preventive medical exames are important?

Preventive medical exames Tako stoje stvari RTS 1 26.01.2017.

Why does it important to be emotionaly enteligent?

Emotionaly enteligence Grand kafa 24.01.2017.