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How to get self-confidence?

Self-confidence Srbija on line TV K::CN 19.08.2016.

Hypnotherapy is the efective vay to overcome the adiction of cigaretes.

With hypnotherapy against smoking Zdravo na moj način RTV STB 11.06.2016.

Preparing a teacher for retirement.

Going to retirement Prosveta ima reč TV K:CN 19.05.2016.

What does it means: majurity for school?

Majurity for school Prosveta ima reč TV K:CN 07.04.2016.

Hypnotherapy is efektive metod for elimination the overweight

With hypnotherapy against fattness Zdravo na moj način RTV STB 14.05.2016.

Of what depends the mature choice of a merrity partner?

The choice of marrity partner Zdravo na moj način RTV STB 07.05.2016.

How to chose the appropriate secondary school?

Profesional orijentation Prosveta ima reč TV K:CN 14.04.2016.

How much teenagers know abot sex and nutrition?

Teenagers and sex Tako stoje stvari RTS1 06.04.2016.

How to overcome a cheat?

The reasons of a cheat Grand kafa 31.03.2016.