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Influence of falling in love to learning.

Falling in love and learning Prosveta ima reč TV:KCN 31.03.2016.

How to help the boy called “crammer”by his school friends?

The “crammer” Prosveta ima reč TV K:CN 24.03.2016.

Independent vacation depends of teenager maturaty.

When can teenager go to vacation alone? Prosveta ima reč TV:KCN 17.03.2016.

When you need to buy mobile phone to your child?

Buying mobile phone to child? Prosveta ima reč TV K:CN 10.03. 2016.

Mature selection of partner is condion of successfull relationship

Yu tube Grand kafa 1.02.2016.The selection of partner

Causes of rising and healing of psychomatic illnesses.

Psychosomatic illnesses Srbija online K::CN1 2.03.2016.

How to overcome the Burn Out Sindrom?

Burn out The world of health RTS 2 13.02.2016.

Pro et contra introducion sexual education in to primary schools

Sexual violence Dnevnik RTS 1 8.02.2016.

How to overcome the postholidays depresion?

Postholidays depresion The vorld of health RTS 2 16.01.2016.