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Why the familly gatherings are important?

Familly Holidays Gatherings TV KC:N 11.01.2016.

To alow the celebration at discoclubs and night clubs or not

RTS 1 13.12.2015. Dnevnik 2 Dilemas about New year celebration for primary schools

Quality communication is the resource of personal and family enjoy and stability.

Communication styles The joy of life TV BN 1.12.2015.

How to become sucessfull in life

Psihollogy of sucess The joy of life TV BN 24.11.2015.

Why do people get in dependet relationships?

Dependent relationships TV KC:N 9.11.2015.

How to prevent violence in primary and secondary schools?

Violence in primary and secondary schools TV Pink3 18.09.2015.

How could parents develop active relation for learning end continual use of knowlege?

Its holliday, keep company Good afternoon,Belgrade RTV STB 12.08.2015.

When can you permett children to spend holliday allone end how to prepare them?

Indepedent childrens holliday RTS 2 World of health 28.08.2015.

Trappes of folling in love with friend.

From friendshipe to emotional relationship K:CN 26.07.2015.