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What are the reasons for conflicts on summer holliday?

Conflicts on summer holliday RTV BN 14.07. 2015.

How much succesfully you will bee in your life depends of your emotional skills.

Emotional skills Healthy morning RTV STB 19.06.2015.

Satifaction in family, mariage, and social realitionships depends of quality of komunikation. How we can inmprove it?

Comunikation skills Healthy morning RTV STB 12.06.2015.

Of what dependes the quality of partners relationship?

Quality of partners relationship Healthy morning RTV STB 3.06.2015.

What the right choice of partner means?

Premarriage consultation Healthy morning 25.05.2015.

How can the parents support their children in preparation for entrance examynation?

The joy of life Preparation for entrance examynation RTV BN 21.05.2015.

Of whout depends haw we will treat the adging process?

The joy of life Midle age crysis RTV BN 23.04.2015.

Why is optimism our most helthfull choice and how to improve our own optimism?

The joy of life TV BN 15.04.2015.

Parents should tolk to their children of right moment abaut changes they pass through their teenage years.

Developing characteristics of Teenages RTS1 16.02.2015.