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Quality Komunicatia is a base of nursing partners Relationship.

Partners Relationship K:CN14.02.2015.

What is Burnout sindrom?

Burnout sindrom K:CN 31.10.2014.

How to avoid conflicts on summer holiday?

Conflicts on summer holiday RTS Dnevnik 10.08.2014.

Why a good divorce is better than a bad marriage?

Divorce – Jutarnji program show – TV Happy – 23.05.2104.

How can experts, relatives and friends provide support to the flood victims?

Srce za Srbiju – TV Happy – 23.05.2014.

The term and implementation of psychology.

Psychotherapy – Jutarnji program – TV Happy 10.05.2014

How to prevent winter depression?

Winter depression – Jutarnji program KCN 29.10.2013.

What the price of success is…

Successful women – Beograde dobro veče Studio B 22.10.2013.

Why is it important to have a life motto?

Life motto – Zdravo jutro Studio B 20.9.2013.